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Trivia With Brian Goodwin May 9th

Kirk Bates-May 17th

Kirk has spent over half of his life in North Hastings and considers himself a native of ‘North of 7’.     His passion for singing was encouraged at an early age by his father and learned to play (but not limited to) guitar at age 13.       Performing his first set ‘live’ on stage at age 15 […]

Melodi Ryan-May 11th

Melodi is an alternative/folk/soul singer-songwriter from Peterborough, Ontario. Her influences range from old jazz, blues and soul to the heavy, dark, indie folk of today. Her pensive, haunting, and occasionally sullen lyrics are expressed by an impassioned, soulful voice using playful melodies, resulting in a work of art that parallels the dichotomy between the realities […]

Andrew Irving-May 10th

  Singer-songwriter Andrew Irving is a Burlington native who has been writing music for over 30 years. He has had songs featured on commercial radio, as well as a BMG Music compilation, Ground Zero, alongside A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan and Treble Charger. He has fronted several Southern Ontario bands: Catchpenny, Broadside and Jets […]

Ed Stephenson-Aug. 4

Edward Stephenson (Edvard Stefanyshyn) is a Raleigh, NC based Canadian guitarist and Alanna recording artist. Ed’s virtuosity includes Classical Spanish, Flamenco, and Flamenco Fusion genres. He has performed throughout North America as a soloist as well as an active member of the North Carolina Guitar Quartet and the Nuevo Flamenco ensemble the Paco Band. He […]

Fish and Chip Thursday!

Ahoy! How would you like to hear about our special Thursday offering: Fish and Chips! Come in Thursday for a special beer-battered haddock and delicious fresh-cut fries. It’s sure to keep you and your friends happily munching. Enjoy dinner at The Granite while overlooking the beautiful town of Bancroft. It’s where friends meet for fun, […]

Wing Night Wednesdays!

Congratulations! We made it halfway through the week. Do you like chicken wings? How about a free beer? Come reward yourself with Wing Wednesdays at The Granite. Join us for our Wednesday special: a serving of chicken wings and a free pint for only $21! With 16 different flavours, we can find something to satisfy […]